Bougainvillea House

On Sunday, December 13, 2558 through Rabbit convoys en route to the Internet. Orphanage mild aphasia and cognitive or bougainvillea. For donation and support necessary for children in the orphanage. Ran are all children with intellectual or physical brain with the goal of helping this time. To support education, health and welfare of disadvantaged children. And compensation benefits reintegration way. 

Bougainvillea House is?

Bougainvillea House A foster home under the care of the state. Set up to care for children with mild aphasia and intelligence. Divided from Babies Pak. Take care of both girls and boys impaired vision, hearing, communication, physical, mental or behavioral disabilities, intellectual disabilities, including learning disabilities. The children at the home bougainvillea receive care from birth to age 7 that year the house bougainvillea. Providing care for disadvantaged children in more than 400 people.

Bougainvillea House


For those interested You can contact to ask volunteers mentor children have. Babysitting is available, provided one of them will have only one child or two people to take care of only by a long-term basis. To make children feel that they are truly interested. It also has ties to mentor children. The opening date for the volunteer mentors into the act. Thursday and Sunday of each week. Currently, Mentors are volunteers regularly switching current duties of around 10 people.

Bougainvillea House

Activities and donations

Since the health of children It is important And we used to give to the house the bougainvillea. Is that the shelters were used. We are focused on delivering the drug. And powdered milk is easily digested The ages of the children in particular, including a list of donors.

Cotton stalks                                 48     wrap

Cotton Reel Big                         30     wrap

Enfalac A + 24 formula, milk powder, two     boxes.

Pediasure                             24      boxes

Antipyretics Bethofen               36     bottles

Cough                                 12      bottles

Fever fluid Sara           120    bottles.

Including baby powder And other necessities

In addition, we also plan to provide continued support in the years to come, whether it’s at. Bougainvillea House Or at another institution which has a demand and a shortage of things as well.

Bougainvillea House

Interested donors and sponsors Bougainvillea House

If anyone would like to support what money to the house bougainvillea. We suggest calling into question directly from the foundation that’s what was lacking. Or have some special needs or not. The donation multiple times may cause unnecessary donations. Or there’s too much demand. This could make use of them and not damage it. Finally, children You could not benefit from the good will of everyone fully.

Bougainvillea House

Contact Bougainvillea at home

Tel:  02 583 6815   



To support the organization and help children. By transfer Can be achieved by transferring the money into  a savings account. Account name Orphanage mild aphasia and intelligence. The Bank of Thailand Pak 123-1-1877-0 account number  if you need a receipt , you can do so by sending a copy of the deposit slip with the address. To the location of the orphanage. To the workhouse gate receipts and the receipts.

Bougainvillea House

Getting to map Bougainvillea House

The Bougainvillea House 78/9 Moo 1 Soi Soi – Pak 1 Rd. Nonthaburi’s. Some market. Pak Kret, Nonthaburi. 11120.

Bougainvillea House (via)

Bougainvillea House

Getting to this house bougainvillea. Make way, we met with euphoria feelings. Seeing the children. We had the pleasure of that to give. We would be happy to tell this little and if you pass it around Pak Do not forget to visit the children on it!