It’s time to grow and become a website of the future. Ask Hanuman, a car insurance comparison and financial service website, is transforming to be “Rabbit Finance”, the website that add valuable service and more new advantages for our beloved customers. We are still offering user-friendly and free service as always! Moreover, in the upcoming grand opening, we suggest that you might want to clear you schedule because we have marvelous campaigns for you to join and premium gifts are waiting to be yours!!!

Trustworthy company is taking care of you

Now, Ask Hanuman is the most chosen financial website for insurance product in Thailand.* However, we won’t stop to be better and keep improving for Thai people. Ask Hanuman will change into Rabbit Finance ( and will be processed under Rabbit Internet the company in affiliated with BTS Holding Ltd. Rabbit Finance provides financial product comparison service from leading companies in Thailand including car insurance, credit card, and more. The service system is user-friendly and uncomplicated so that it’s fast and easy for all of our customers, in all ages and genders.

(Information from SimilarWeb, a world leading ranking website on November, 2015.)

The beyond privileges for you

Not only changing name, Rabbit Finance also offers the high standard service and hard to deny offers to support customers’ demand that keep increasing everyday. We have faster performance processes, financial online system that offering conveniences, safety, and micro e-payment that is small but worthful. We are an expert in online products, including competency and experience in internet businesses. That’s not all. Changing into Rabbit Finance also give you even more privileges. You’ll get valued promotions coming with nice gifts when you buy financial products with Rabbit. So, prepare yourself for special promotions and offers from us!


What will you get more from Rabbit Finance?

  • A complete list of choices so that you can compare insurances from 30 companies within 20 seconds.
  • 5-10% cheaper than anywhere else. You can also choose to pay installment with 0% interest for 10 months.
  • Ready to support you 24 hours.
  • Free special gift and gift voucher when participate in our activities.

rabbit finance

We’re ready to gift! Get your reward in our grand opening!

Good news! In the upcoming grand opening day, we’ve prepare so many joyous things for you via 3 campaigns! The campaigns will be launched one after another for you to join and have your chance to get special gift. We won’t tell you now what we’re preparing for you. It’s a surprise for everyone! Don’t forget to tell your friend and family to join in and receive special rewards. The winners in each event won’t be disappointed with the gift prepared for you!

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If you want to know more about us, please visit our website at Don’t forget! The time is short! Premium gifts are waiting to be boxed and sent to you! Just join us and win our game. Let’s play!!!

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