Michael Jordan is a former American basketball player who led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA

Championships and won the Most Valuable Player Award five times. He is known as a living legend for his hard work & determination to strive for the best. His talent is a gift to the sports industry. Michael had the support from his family, friends & coach throughout but all that would have meant nothing if he hadn’t worked hard and hustled.

When you start reading about Michael Jordan’s story, you will probably be boosted to strive for excellence in your business as well as in your personal life like he did on the Basketball court. Whether you are sports lovers or not you can learn a great thing from him.


There are 3 tips given by Michael Jordan’s himself that you can apply in your pursuits

1. Use anger to make yourself better

Anger can be constructive as well as destructive.  It’s associated mostly with conflict and violence all over the world but when used correctly, it can do wonders for an individual.
Michael Jordan never felt disheartened. All the disappointments and failures were used to nurture his anger like steam in an engine which drove him to put more time and energy into practice.

When he failed in a game, when competitors outran him, when he lost the key matches, Michael Jordan remembered and put everything through as a learning curve. So instead of being disheartened, he compiled his failures to strengthen his wish to dominate the court every time he stepped inside.
The greatest stories in history have heroes who eventually got blocked by opponents time after time but they flipped back learning from their mistakes and win by fighting against all the odds.


Who’s the competitor in your life?
Is it those who doubted or cheated you? Or is it something internal like a frustrating plateau you’ve reached? Most people just tolerate the frustration, but by channeling the pain appropriately you can do away from your problems and strengthen yourself and by doing this you will reach new levels in life.


2. Take advantage of your specialty

Michael Jordan was keen on basketball and baseball when he was young. His aim lied mostly in the latter, but after sensing greater potential in the court he paved a career in shooting hoops. Over the years he refined his skills and reached an unmatched level of mastery.
He jumped into the minor leagues with immense passion but lacked a vital element that other baseball players had in their favor i.e. experience. He soon learned he had bitten off more than he could chew and returned to basketball to continue his reign.



What is your specialty that you can take advantage off?

Jumping around too much or trying to be the best at everything costs momentum and focus. Everything has its cost when experimenting, but usually, chasing many ideas at once makes it hard to specialize. Focus is the key and strengthening your strong point is passion with commitment.
Once you identify your true potential that will set you apart from others. Michael Jordan had his tenacity, confidence, ability to ‘fly’ and more. And you too can harness your own. You just have to discover it.
Simple way to start: inspecting the patterns behind your past achievements, and running tests and analysis on yourself. Gaining this data will reveal which strengths you can work on and what kind of people you can search to balance out your weaknesses.

3. Focus on only important things

At one time after becoming a star, Michael Jordan was invited to play a friendly game in Germany where he prepared in a shady old military base bathroom. Any star would have scoffed at the situation and refused to play. But he did not complain. He knew what he was there for and played with the same spirit he showed in his professional games. He cared more about doing his job and getting results than making excuses about the environment he was in.



What environment will push you through?

After a few wins, it’s easy for you to hook yourselves to new favorable circumstances and expect it to last forever. But the danger is when you get stuck and refuse to adapt when the environment suddenly changes, which can lead to astray.


Amidst, the sweeping changes in the world, it’s the shrewd people who survive by proactively responding. There are a thousand paths to your end goal, and if one leads you astray, you can simply switch to another to carry on in the right direction.

There are numerous sporting heroes you can learn from but Michael Jordon’s story is simply unique. And by studying the effective actions he took in his career you can gain valuable lessons to drive changes in your own life.


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