Our People

Over 20 nationalities work on building the next generation of Internet companies in Bangkok, that impact the every day urban life. We are a diverse mix of experts, that collaborate in an open environment, to create extraordinary results together. We value work life balance and focus on results, not hours spent at the office. Beyond working together, we support each other on a private level and engage in joint social activities.

Our Culture

We are never content with the status quo and are eager to experiment for the better. We feel challenged every day and embrace it positively. We aim to make things simple, and see big value in simplicity. We have fun at work and respect diversity amongst our people. We build open and lasting relationships amongst colleagues and partner. We are humble and admit to mistakes, as we walk our learning curve.

Our Life

We enjoy living in Thailand’s capital Bangkok, which is vibrant with new excitement around every corner and people from all over the world. Thousands of restaurants and exotic street food to satisfy all tastes and explore the unknown. More than half a million internationals life in Bangkok. It is easy to make new friends. Bangkok is also the worlds leading city in terms of value for money, with low income tax and reasonable cost of living.

This is Rabbit

We recently completed the new office in the heart of Bangkok. The 1,000 sqm space has over 200 seats and plenty of room for collaboration. Designed by Swiss architects, the space resembles the nature of Lumphini park, with many plants and grass walls inside the office. The park itself is just 5 minutes walking from here, and so is the MRT train station for easy commute. The common space has a table soccer, free food and free drinks.

Also outside the office, Rabbit team is enjoying itself with daily and weekly activities like football, badminton and other social events. Giving 100% is our spirit, work hard play hard.

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It’s not about how big you are, but execution!

Everyone is aware of the changing scenarios in the business world. People have a perception rather a belief that it’s the age of small business owners and their time to shine because of the flexibility unlike the big companies with large investments with a lot at stake to be profitable and get an ROI ASAP.

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Why your staffs never seems happy about working.

If you asked you friend how is their job going? Most will just reply ‘well its work pays the bills’ or something along those lines. In our modern world, Monday, first day of the work week is in general viewed with disdain, disheartenment, or a general lack of enthusiasm. So much so that countless memes pop up to remind that “OMG! tomorrow is Monday”.

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Rabbit Finance: The Advanced Step of ASK Hanuman!

It’s time to grow and becomes a website of the future. Ask Hanuman, a car insurance comparison and financial service website, is transforming to be “Rabbit Finance”, the website that add valuable service and more new advantages for our beloved customers. We are still offering user-friendly and free service as always!

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