Good relationship, either between friends or colleagues, needs time to build. In several occasions, relationships formed from doing activities or anything that require cooperation together. Especially among colleagues.

In the office, there are chances that we’ll meet new colleagues or other businessmen. To create new relationship and new network, showing your determination, your trustworthy, and your tolerance are necessary. Then, how can you maintain this new relationship to go on smoothly? Let’s have a look at our 7 tricks to create good networks.

1. Follow up immediately!


Don’t let weeks pass by before start talking with a new classmate, colleague, or business partner, to make them remember you with good impression. After the first introduction, talking will be more smoothly and naturally. You might send a short message via email like, “Hi, can you remember me. We talked yesterday. Let’s have a coffee together sometimes.”

2. Take note


After first meeting, you might use a piece of paper to take note of what you’ve talked with your new friend. It can be rough information about them such as what he/she wore and what he/she like or doesn’t like. You might use their name card to help relating to information and the look of this new friend. This way you can remember better and it’s good to help remembering about the business contact too!

3. Connect via Linkedin


In case you want to create a network with your colleagues, want to find a colleagues, or find a business partner, we recommend a social media platform called Linkedin. Most contacts via this channel are related to work. Using Linkedin seems more formal than other social media platform as well. If you find your friends in Linkedin, don’t forget to add them into your network too!

4. Use your calendar


After starting your network smoothly, you’ll make an appointment to go out together, or maybe another meeting. What can help you to avoid missing important meetings is taking note on your calendar. In the online times like today, everything becomes so easy and you can setting your calendar to sync with our email. It will notify us on the meeting date or the day before meeting date according to our setting. It can also send notification to people in our network!

5. Short but sincere message


Sometimes, you don’t have to send long and descriptive messages. Short and straight-to-the-point ones are the best! You might send a short message like “Wish you a good day and your business goes well. Let’s go out to eat together sometimes.” Something likes that can help strengthen your bond.

6. Be a host!


Going out for lunch or dinner, a trip, a casual meeting or whatever the activities are, don’t be just the receiver of invitations! Host it! Start some activities. Be a host in an activity or setting up a trip by inviting your customers or colleagues that have some potentials to work with you to know each other and strengthen your network. We might get more than normal business partner and colleagues.

7. Don’t forget to show your delightful!


If some joyful events happen with your colleagues, business partners, or whoever in your network like being awarded, be promoted, have the first child, you should go and say congratulation! If it’s not convenient to go seeing them face to face, sending a nice card along with sincere message to them is a good choice. If you’re so busy that you don’t even have time to choose a nice card, use the social network to your advantage. Send them a pleasure message. This can help developing your relationship rather well.


Every relationship have its sources. The certain thing is that “everything needs times.” Be patient. What you can’t forget is that you have to take care of yourself, people around you, and things you love as well.